National Research and Development Framework submitted to H.E. the President

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NASTEC presented the National Research and Development Framework (NRDF) compiled by them to H.E. the President Hon. Maithripala Sirisena on 3rd May 2016 at a special meeting held at the Presidents House.

This frame work has identified 10 critical areas with pressing issues that need immediate attention of the scientific community. The areas identified are I) Water, II) Food, Nutrition and Agriculture, III) Health, IV) Shelter, V) Environment, VI) Energy, VII) Mineral Resources, VIII) Textile and Apparel, IX) ICT and Knowledge Services, and X) Basic Science, Emerging technologies and Indigenous Knowledge.

Under each area specific issues and R&D needs had been identified. More than 600 interventions had been proposed to overcome the issues and these had been listed under 10 main categories: i) Policy Formulation, ii) Pure and Applied Research, iii) Biotechnology, iv) Nanotechnology, v) Promotion of Innovations, vi) Application of Indigenous Knowledge, vii) Standardization, Accreditation and IPR, viii) Capacity Building, ix) Application of ICT, and x) Popularization.

It is expected that the NRDF will show the directions to S&T community and relevant stakeholders to plan their research and other relevant activities. The ultimate objective of the NRDF is to contribute towards increasing quality of life of people and enhance the economic development of the country.

Download National Research and Development Framework (NRDF)