5th symposium proceeding


National Science and Technology Commission

Young Scientist Forum

5th YSF Symposium


Research Papers

Comparative analysis of general nutritional composition of selected rice varieties grown in Northern Province of Sri Lanka
Y. Ajeitha and R. Gowri

A comparative study of thyroid profiles of breast cancer patients and apparently healthy women
H.M.K. Akalanka, K.G. Amarathunge, S. Ekanayake and K. Samarasinghe

An ethnological analysis of the alteration of birth names among Sri Lankans: evidence from newspaper advertisements
D.T.H. Ananda and C.A.D. Nahallage

Effect of Ethephon concentration on rubber yield through Magnesium ion and sucrose regulation in Hevea brasiliensis
A.P. Attanayake, L. Karunanayake and A.H.R.L Nilmini

Leaf formulations of Keppetiya (Croton aromaticus L.) and Bilin (Averrhoa bilimbi L.) accelerate ripening in banana variety “Embul”
W.A.H. Champa, R.M.R.N.K. Ratnayake, M.M. Herath, B.M.K.S. Tilakaratne, D.M.C.C. Gunathilake and U.G. Chandrajith

Variation in content of Camptothecin, an anti-cancer agent, with growth stage of Nothapodytes nimmoniana of Sri Lanka
K.D. Degambada, N. Salim, U.G. Chandrika, A.M. Abeysekera and S. Wijesundara

A PCR based detection of Theileria orientalis in cattle in Galle and Rathgama veterinary ranges 
M.L.W.P. De Silva, N.K. Jayasekera, S.S. Iddamaldeniya and K.H.D.T. Kasagala     

Spatiality and species diversity of the critical seagrass population in the curvier basin of Jaffna lagoon at coherent Mandaitheevu coastline
K.M.D. Senathera Digamadulla, K. Sivashanthini and A.C. Thavaranjit

Controlling nitrate leaching losses from fertilized sandy regosol using Neem (Azadirachta indica)          
D.M.P.D. Dissanayake and R.M.C.P. Rajapaksha

Development of an automated solar-driven hybrid egg incubator
V. Divagar, N. Kannan and T. Thiruvaran

Characterization of isolates of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum from Cabbage in Ambewela, Sri Lanka       
B.M.A. Guruge, K.P. Somachandra and R.N. Attanayake

Allometric relationships of frequently used shade tree species in landscaping in Kandy, Sri Lanka 
H.M.D. Hasaranga, C.L.S.M. Karunarathne and C.K. Beneragama

A logical model of driver decisions on straight road segments and bends for vehicular safety applications
H.M.A.J. Herath, S. Wijesingha and M.J. Walpola

Culture condition of bacterial cellulose formation in rotten Pineapple (Ananas comosus) for Nata de coco production          
H.P.D.T. Hewapathirana, L.L.W.C. Yalegama, H.A.E. Samaranayake, and T.M.S.G. Weerasinghe

A survey on lack of adoption of electronic medical records by physicians at Teaching Hospitals in Sri Lanka      
T. Jeyakodi and D. Herath

Performance of s/2 d4 low intensity harvesting system of Rubber in Intermediate Zone of Sri Lanka      
R.G.N. Lakshman, K.V.V.S. Kudaligama, V.H.L. Rodrigo, S.M.M. Iqbal and A. Nugawela

Genetic variation of Rigidoporus microporus isolates from different host plants in the vicinity of Rubber plantations      
H.K.I. Madushani, T.H.P.S. Fernando, R.L.C. Wijesundara and P. Senaviratne


Effect of supervisory leadership behaviour on organizational commitment of operational level employees
B.C.H. Maduwanthi, R.P. Mahaliyanaarchchi and G. Fernando

Investigation of the effect of ambient conditions on biosorption of Cd from aqueous solution by Salvinia molesta
N.S. Mohamed and M. Thayaparan

Comparison of plant and soil nutritional status between organically and conventionally cultivated two coconut lands in the Intermediate Zone of Sri Lanka
G.S. Nirukshan, D.M.P.D. Dissanayake, I. Herath and N.A. Tennakoon

Sri Lankan traditional rice variety "Suduheenati" comprises of morphologically different accessions
P.D.C. Padukkage and S. Geekiyanage

An assessment of entrepreneurial awareness and entrepreneurial orientation among educated youth in India      
P. Pretheeba

Evaluation of anti-inflammatory properties of Albizia lebbeck (Suriya Mara) and Albizia odoratissima (Huri Mara) 
S.H. Punchihewa, A.P.P.R. Amarasinghe, S.P. Senanayake and P.A. Paranagama

Relationship between ‘Days to flowering’ and yield components of Ma Wee accessions in Sri Lanka       
W.H.D.U. Pushpakumari and S. Geekiyanage

Importance of assessing insulin resistance and c-peptide in normoglycaemic young adults with risk anthropometric parameters  
N.D.K. Ranadeva, U.P.K. Hettiaratchi and L.V. Athiththan

Phenotypic characterization of Jaffna Local sheep, an indigenous livestock breed of Sri Lanka          
W.M.T.D. Rathnakumara, W.W. Abeygunawardena, M.L.N.A.R. Deepani, L.W.N. Samaranayake, P.A.B.D. Alexander and R.A.C. Rabel

Seed germination, growth and yield of Abelmoschus esculentus L. (Okra) and Vigna unguiculata L. (Bushita) influenced by aqueous leaf extract of invasive plant Clidemia hirta (Katakaluwa)  
V.W. Rathnayake and R.M.C.S. Ratnayake

Anti-histamine activity of aqueous extract and macromolecular fraction of Psychotria sarmentosa leaves    
W.M.K.M. Ratnayake, U.G. Chandrika, A.M. Abeysekera, T.S. Suresh and N. Salim

Appraisal of gem deposits in Badalkumbura region of Sri Lanka with special emphasize on the provenance    
S.V.T.D. Raveendrasinghe and R.M.N.P.K. Jayasinghe

Production of L-(+)-lactic acid for the health-care industry using Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus delbrueckii with Cassava as the raw material     
S. Selvaraj, N. Gunesekera, A.M.M.H. Athapaththu, P.A.D.H.N. Gunathilaka, H.H.K. Achala and W.W.P. Rodrigo

Effect of cover crops on soil quality of Coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) cultivation in the Intermediate Zone of Sri Lanka
H. M. Silva, H.M.I.K. Herath and L.P. Vidhana Arachchi

Geo-informatics based approach for evaluation of trends in Dengue outbreaks within Doluwa MOH area in Central province of Sri Lanka       
N.W.B.A.L. Udayanga, P.A.D.H.N. Gunathilaka, M.C.M. Iqbal, P.H.D Kusumawathie, M.M.M. Najim and W. Abeyewickreme

Evaluation of novel low toxic insecticides and organic insecticides on adult Whitefly, Bemisia tabaci  
D.I.N. Wanigasooriya, J.P. Marasinghe and W.M.A.U.K.M. Wijesekara

Identification of microbes from surgically excised lumbar disc herniations: a study among Sri Lankan subjects   
N.D. Withanage, S. Pathirage, S. Perera, H. Peiris and L.V. Athiththan

Evaluation of some Brazillian Sugarcane varieties for the resistance to sugarcane smut pathogen, Sporisorium scitamineum, in Sri Lanka      
A.N.W.S. Thushari and B.D.S.K. Ariyawansha

Assessment of knowledge and risk factors of Hypertension among hypertensive school teachers in a selected Educational Division in Anuradhapura district    
L.A.D.N.L. Wijayathunge and U.P.K. Hettiaratchi

Effect of Coconut-based agroforestry systems on physical and chemical properties of soil in Intermediate Zone of Sri Lanka 
J. Wijesinghe, H.M.I.K. Herath and L.P. Vidhana Arachchi