6th symposium proceedings


National Science and Technology Commission

Young Scientist Forum

6th YSF Symposium

Research Papers

 Analysis of wind speed and direction data in Hambantota district of southern Sri Lanka
M.A.M. Abraj   and P. Wijekoon 

 Association between CRP and BMI of newly diagnosed breast cancer patients
H.M.K. Akalanka, S. Ekanayake and K. Samarasinghe

 A study on the educational background and future aspirations of the Art Faculty students in a state university of Sri Lanka
D. T. H. Ananda, C.A.D. Nahallage and K. Rodrigo

 Preliminary study on shrimp productivity and fishery issues of Mullaitivu lagoons, Sri Lanka 2013 - 2015.
A. Ashani, J. Suthagaran and K. Akilan

 Informational labels on packaged rice: an investigation into the most preferred food quality attributes
E.M.C.M Ekanayake and U.K. Jayasinghe-Mudalige  

 The impact of task based language teaching on grammar instructions: a comparative study of planned vs. Incidental focus on form
W. Sajeewani Apsara Fernando 

 A case study on factors influencing consumer's Purchase decision of branded tea
H.M.M. Gayathri, A.I.Y. Lankapura, A.M.K.R. Bandara and L.P. Rupasena 

 Cricket sabremetrics: a data mining analysis of cricket
P.A. Gregory, D.H.M.S.N. Herath, D.S.L. Karunasekera, D.S. Deegalla and A.U. Bandaranayake 

 Genetic stability of coconut embryogenic Calli after cryopreservation by encapsulation-dehydration technique
W.W.M.A. Iroshini, G.A.U. Jayasekera, S.A.C.N. Perera, V.R.M. Vidhanaarachchi and H.D.D. Bandupriya

 Spell correction of isolated words: methodology to improve the spell correction
J.R.K.C Jayakody

 Machine learning techniques with NLP for dialog act classification
J.R.K.C Jayakody

 Influence of the position angle of six ornamental plants on their sensitivity to gravity and their suitability for vertical gardening
K.P.N.H. Kariyawasam, S. Krishnaraja, C.L.S.M. Karunarathne, Malshani Ariyaratne and C.K. Beneragama

 Genetic diversity analysis of common bean germplasm in Sri Lanka
K.M.A.N. Kulathunga, M.C.M. Zakeel, H.M.P.S. Kumari, and L.K.W. Wijayaratne

 Obstacles for the sustainability of business start-ups: the case of North-Western province in Sri Lanka
M.K. Kuluppuarachchi, A.M.T.P. Athauda and G.H.I. Anjalee

 Intraspecific plasticity in circadian rhythms in photosynthetic organisms: evidence from Euglena gracilis Z
H.G.J.T. Kumara, C.K. Benaragama, C.L.S.M. Karunarathne and  M.P. Ariyarathne 

 Assessment of glufosinate resistance in selected Sri Lankan rice (Oryza sativa L.) varieties
R. A. D. D. Lakshika, S. R. Weerakoon and S. Somaratne

 Identification of temporal trends in rainfall anomalies of different rainfall seasons in Sri Lanka using the standardized precipitation index (SPI)
L.A.T.S. Liyanaarachchi, B.W. Wijesuriya, J.K.S. Sankalpa, H.M.L.K. Herath, S. Premalal and S.B. Karunaratne

 Identification of Rigidoporus Microporus isolates of murraya koengii, pathogenic on Hevea Brasiliensis
H.K.I. Madushani, T.H.P.S. Fernando, R.L.C. Wijesundara and D. Siriwardane

 Water use and hygiene practices of a slum community in Colombo district: a gender focused study
P.V.S. Madubhashini and N.D.K. Dayawansa

 Chemical speciation modeling of drinking water in Padaviya, an affected area of Chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology (CKDU)
K. A. D. H. Perera and  Janitha A. Liyanage

 Development of an Agrobacterium rhizogenes mediated transformation system for soybean variety PB-1
P.D.K.S. Premarathne, M.C.M. Zakeel and P.C.G. Bandaranayake 

 Comparison of lipid profiles and metabolic syndrome among selected cohort of chronic and recently diagnosed Type II Diabetes Mellitus patients who attended family practice center of university of Sri Jayewardenepura and Colombo South teaching hospital
P.W.M. Ranathunga, R.M.D. Rathnayake, M.H.F. Sasna, U.P.K. Hettiaratchi and L.V. Athiththan

 Identification and transmission of horsegram yellow mosaic virus causing yellowing in Soybean
Ryan Rienzie, W.A.R.T. Wickramaarachchi and D. M. De Costa

The Artificial Neural Network based hybrid statistical approach for volatility forecasting in Colombo stock exchange
R.M Kapila Tharanga Rathnayaka and D.M.K.N Seneviratna 

 Effects of physical activity on body composition in women with or without diabetes
R.G.L. Rathnayake, P.P.R. Perera and  U.P.K. Hettiaratchi

 Prophylactic and therapeutic chronic anti-inflammatory effect of Psychotria sarmentosa leaves on adjuvant-induced arthritis rat model
W.M.K.M. Ratnayake, T.S. Suresh, A.M. Abeysekera, N. Salim and U.G. Chandrika
 Mix design of high performance concrete with Silica fume and fly ash
R.M.D.M. Sanjeewa, P.S.K. Pathirana and H.D. Yapa 
 Potential use of lower concentrations of currently-used fungicides for the control of black stripe disease of rubber
M.K.R. Silva, T.H.P.S. Fernando and B.I. Tennakoon 
 Impact of innovativeness, human capital on firm performances of floriculture exporters in Gampaha district in Sri Lanka
S.A.N.P. Siriwardhana, G.H.I. Anjalee and N.R. Abeynayake 
 Variation of bacterial load and fatty acids of gamma irradiated Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus albacares)
I.H.W. Surendra, E.M.R.K.B. Edirisinghe and R.M.N.P. Rathnayake
In-vitro alpha amylase inhibitory and in-vivo acute hypoglycemic effect of fresh fruit pulp and hexane fraction of Averrhoa carambola Linn fruit (star fruit)      
N.K. Weerasekara, P.H.P. Fernando and W.I.T. Fernando

 Analysis of physicochemical properties and functional quality attributes of shelf available milk powders in Sri Lanka using Fourier transform infra-red technology and scanning electron microscopy
W. V. V. R. Weerasingha, M. Gunawardena, S. V. R. Weerasooriya and J. K. Vidanarachchi

Strength enhancement of cement composites using Graphene Oxide
W.M.K.G.P. Wijerathna, P.B.R. Dissanayake, C.S. Bandara and N. Gunawardhana

 Determination of soil respiration in a high grown and a low grown tea growing environments of Sri Lanka
T. L. Wijeratne and G. C. K. Bandara

 Vitamin D deficiency and chronic lower back pain in lumbar disc herniated subjects
N.D. Withanage, L.V. Athiththan, H. Peiris and S. Perera