The concept of the Young Scientists Forum (YSF) emanated from the World Conference on Science for the 21st Century,
held in Budapest, Hungary, from 26th June to 01st July, 1999, under the aegis of the United Nations Educational,
Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the International Council for Science (ICSU).

This conference was attended by a team led by the then Minister of Science and Technology, Hon. Batty Weerakoon and included
the Chairman of the National Science & Technology Commission, Dr. R.O.B. Wijesekera, and Prof. Tissa Vitarana.

The YSF was established in NASTEC in year 2000, with the objective of providing an opportunity for young scientists
in Sri Lanka to voice their opinion on S&T related issues.

In addtion the NASTEC in collaboration with YSF organizes skills development workshops for young scientists.

The YSF Symposium which was initiated in year 2012 has become a popular event as a forum that gives an
opportunity for young scientists to present their research work to the scientist community.

At present the YSF has more then 600 members and the activities are coordinated by a steering committee
elected at the YSF annual general meeting.



Science and Technology Development Act No 11 of 1994