National Research and Development Framework (NRDF)


Message from the Hon. Minister, Foreword, Executive Summary
Section A: Focus Areas, issues, R&D Needs and Interventions    
01. Water    PDF-Download-Button
02. Food, Nutrition and Agriculture    PDF-Download-Button
03. Health    PDF-Download-Button
04. Shelter    PDF-Download-Button
05.Environment    PDF-Download-Button
06. Textile   PDF-Download-Button
07. Energy    PDF-Download-Button
08. Mineral Resources    PDF-Download-Button
09. Information Communication Technology and Knowledge Services    PDF-Download-Button
10.Basic Sciences, Emerging Technologies and Indigenous Knowledge    PDF-Download-Button
Section B: Recommended List of Research, Policy Studies and other Interventions    PDF-Download-Button
Appendix 1: Consultation Panels    PDF-Download-Button

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