Completed Study Groups

  1. Proposed Amendments to the Science and Technology Development Act No. 11 of 1994. (Study Group I) (1999)
  2. The Implementation of the Recommendations made by the Presidential Task Force on (Prioritized) Integrated R & D Programme in Science and Technology (Study Group II) (1999)
  3. Committee for Determining Interim Contingency Measures to Combat the Depletion of National Science and Technology Capability (Study Group III) (1999)
  4. Expert Study Group for Reviewing the NSF Report on "Optimal Use of Eppawala Rock Phosphate in Sri Lankan Agriculture". (Study Group V) (1999)
  5. Formulation of Guide Lines/Rules for Sri Lanka Conference on Science and Technology (BICOST-I) (Study Group VI) (2000)
  6. Formulation of Guidelines to Enhance the Electronic Industry in Sri Lanka (Study Group VII) (2000)
  7. National Research and Development Programme for Herbal Pharmaceuticals (Study Group VIII) (2000)
  8. A National Policy on Medical Bioethics for Sri Lanka (Study group IX) (2000)
  9. Formulation of an Instrument for Capability Assessment and Development (CADI) in R & D Institutions (Study Group X) (2000)
  10. A National Policy for Food Security in Sri Lanka (Study Group XI) (2001)
  11. National Water Resources Policy & Institutional Arrangements (Study Group XII) (2001)
  12. Formulation of a Project Proposal for Setting up of a Central Library Service for S & T in Sri Lanka (Study Group XIII) (2001)
  13. Inimical Factors affecting Science Technology (Study group XIV)
  14. Study Group to formulate a mechanism to Evaluate Technology (Study group XVIII)
  15. A National Policy on Lighting Protection  (Study Group XVI)
  16. Formulation of a National Policy for Science Technology (Study group     XVII)
  17. A National Policy on Biotechnology

Science and Technology Development Act No 11 of 1994